Modern cabinets New family selection

kitchen cabinet modern-کابینت مدرن

Modern cabinets New family selection

Modern cabinets are very popular among the families these days. The reason for this popularity depends on many factors. Factors such as simplicity and beauty and the flexibility of the prices. Prices of the modern cabinets are very varied. Usually a modern cabinet design can be run with different prices as modern cabinets can be run on different sheets and different fittings. For example, a modern cabinet design with Italian and Niemann hybrid sheets and Austrian Bloom fittings could cost at least five times the cost of the same design with Iranian Isofam sheets and Chinese fittings. Cabinet hinges can be found on Google.

The thing that makes modern cabinets viral is that the price of these cabinets can be adjusted to suit everyone’s budget. As mentioned, by changing the material of the cabinet, it is possible to get closer to the budget that the customer has in mind. So basically modern cabinets can be applied in any kitchen with any budget. As mentioned before, in the kitchen cabinet design section, modern kitchen cabinet are better to use for small or medium kitchens. In modern cabinet designs, customers are usually given more space to place their devices compared to the classic design. If you are one of those families who like the simplicity and beauty in the modern cabinets, we are now going to explain the modern kitchen cabinet in detail.

Common mistakes in designing modern cabinets:

A common misconception among co-workers and designers is that they believe designing modern cabinets needs multiple shelves and elevation and depth changes and they apply the modern design very crowded. However, the beauty of modern cabinets is their simplicity.

Unlike the classic cabinets, where the bulk of the body and columns and headstock are bulkier, modern compact designs, are most known to be simple and minimal.

 In classical design, the basis of the work is to minimize the appearance of the environment and create a more traditional and intimate atmosphere, but modern kitchen cabinets are quite the opposite of trying to enlarge the kitchen.

 Therefore, the use of drawer and jacket doors takes precedence over the pop-up doors.

 The doors of modern cabinets are usually sleek and smooth, with no design or design on them.

 In modern cabinets it is best to use a glass case with an aluminum frame. Because the use of metal and glass in a modern cabinet greatly contributes to the beauty and modernity of the design.

It is also common to use a hidden handle in the design of modern cabinets.

The use of a wardrobe in a modern cabinet also gives you more space and beauty.

Another thing to consider when designing a modern cabinet is choosing the right color.

Keep in mind that when designing small kitchens, the use of bright colors will magnify the kitchen, but some people also look for up-to-date colors when choosing the color of their modern cabinets. In this case, by combining screaming colors with neutral colors, one can achieve a balance, for example a combination of red and white, or a combination of orange and black, etc.

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