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About eshel

A creative group that work passionately

About eshel

About eshell Group:

It was around 2006, with some friends, that we decided to start decorating and cabinets. We had some challenges early in the work, there were days when we had to work on the project from night to morning to keep our promise. But because we loved our work, we continued with patience. As long as our work got into our stride and our customers slowly started to recognize us.

Over the years, we've designed and executed so many different projects on cabinets, interior decoration, and landscaping, and gained so much experience that we know exactly what the customer is looking for. There are portfolio examples on our website that I suggest you take a look at.

One of the best moments of our life is to see a customer satisfied with the output of the job and smile. Hope to see your beautiful smile one day too.